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Working at social networking

20 Jan

There’s a lot of buzz about that movie The Social Network. Have you seen it? I have not. I am pretty much going to have to break up with my significant other and start dating again and get asked out to the movies by someone amazingly hot before I am going to actually go to a movie theater again. So, I won’t be seeing The Social Network until it comes out on DVD in February.

The Social Network is almost certainly going to win the Oscar for Best Picture. It is a movie about the guys who created Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, who is the Steve Jobs of Facebook was Time magazine’s Person of the Year. Facebook is a big deal. Social networking is now a huge part of our culture. Famous people post stuff on Facebook and Twitter and it gets reported in the media. Sara Palin’s tweets make news.

When I first began playing around on the Internet, the first online community  I became involved with was not a social networking site. It was a message board. It was called Is He/She Gay?  I don’t remember how I stumbled across it. The message board was a place for people to post gossip about famous people–specifically to speculate over whether or not Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Jodi Foster, etc. were gay or not. Since it was anonymous, people often posted so called personal experiences with various celebrities (as if) or friend of a friend eye witness accounts about celebrities. If you read that board long enough you found out that yes, pretty much anyone you wanted to think was gay, was gay. But amidst the gossip and silliness, many posters would more or less chat about movies and life in general. A bit of a community formed. It turned out to be ephemeral in the scheme of things, but it was my first experience being part of an online community.

The first actual social network I ever joined was Friendster. I just tried to log back into Friendster for the first time in years and Friendster wasn’t so friendly about having me back. Couldn’t find my email or password. I didn’t really do too much with the Friendster profile.  I don’t think I met a living soul.

Then I joined Myspace.  That was a lot of fun for a while. I experienced my first online drama on Myspace. I also started blogging there. I met some very cool people and some not so nice people. Myspace was a valuable experience. I put that in the past tense, even though I still have a profile there. Since it got a facelift in an effort to compete with Facebook, Myspace has lost its luster. I rarely log in there anymore and when I do, I get frustrated by all of the crap I have to wade through just to get to  the good parts.

Now, like every other sentient being on the planet, I have a profile on Facebook. I also have a profile on Twitter that I set up on a whim but never ever use. Frankly, I may never get the appeal of Tweeting.

Over the years I have, often on a whim, joined a number of social network sites: Linked in, Sparks People, Tumblr, Gaywatch, Daily Om, Gay.com, Library Thing, The Tricycle Community, My Life, Bikedate, and most recently, Friendburst. There are others too, I just don’t remember them all. And don’t ask me what these sites are like because I have spent little time on any of them.

I will join a social network on a whim, but I lack follow through.

In non-cyber life, I am a bit of a loner. Not the kind of loner that shoots people and then when CNN comes around all the neighbors say, “He was a loner!” but a loner, none the less. In non-cyber life, I don’t really socially network all that much. I get invites to events. I just got one yesterday. “Bring your business card and $25 and meet other professionals in Jacksonville! There will be alcohol!”

I have the $25 bucks but I lack the inclination to attend. Even if there will be alcohol…

Perhaps I should make more of an effort. Should I worry that I don’t network enough? Will I one day find myself alone, bitter, wishing I had networked when I had the chance?”You’re too old now! No one will network with you anymore!” will come the voice in my head.

Then I’ll log onto the Internet and find some new social networking site like Oldster.com or Bitter Old Man Burst, and I will feel better. At least for a little while…

Happy Thursday (really? Already? Where did the week go?)



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