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Random Sunday in 3-D

12 Aug

Back in the saddle for the first time since I returned from Paris. It was good to be cycling again. I am not sure why I haven’t found the time to ride my bike lately–rain, laziness, um…that’s pretty much it.

I have a lot more pictures of Paris I want to post here, but they need some organization. Lingering over pictures from your vacation is a great way to hang on to the moments. So, I’ll be doing more photoblogs soon for those who like that sort of thing.

Meanwhile, I am just trolling for random thoughts…

When I was riding I saw a couple of Romney signs in people’s yards. I don’t want to make this a blog about the election, but I just want to say, I don’t like Romney’s slogan.

I see these signs that read: “Romney Believe in America.” All I can think is, “Do he? Do he, believe in America?” I know it isn’t really an example of poor sentence structure, but that’s the first thing I see.

Then when I get past that, I have to ask, what do they mean by that anyway?

What are they implying? If you Believe in America vote for Romney? If you vote for someone other than Romney that means you don’t Believe in America?

I don’t much care for that attitude. If you are inclined to not agree with Mr. Romney’s position on things, that does not make you a non-believer of America. That makes you a non- believer of Mr. Romney. Not trying to pick a fight here….just sayin’…

While I am being random here–does anyone else mess around with that website called Pinterest? Oh my goodness that thing is addictive. You create these boards and pin bits and pieces of stuff you find on the internet. It is like a collage kit on your computer!

It’s a lot of fun for those times you don’t feel sociable enough for Facebook and your attention span isn’t up for Netflix streaming. I am told there are other uses for the Internet (porn springs to mine) but those are pretty much the full extent of my web browsing, with a few other exceptions.

The significant other and I went TV shopping yesterday. It was storming outside the whole time. That seemed appropriate.

I hate shopping for major appliances. We had to go to WalMart, Target, Sears and, finally, Best Buy before we could make a decision.

My significant other was somehow convinced we shouldn’t pay more than $500 for a TV, since that is what we paid for the Magnavox that we are replacing. That TV has lasted us at least 9 years, I am guessing.

Ray seemed mildly perplexed that the price of televisions has gone up. “What? Why last decade I paid half that for a TV!”

I was pushing for a Smart TV, so we can watch things on the web like Netflix streaming or whatever (porn springs to mind.)  So, we got a 42 inch flat screen TV that is also a Smart TV. Right now it is smarter than us, because we haven’t figured out how to connect it to our wifi network yet, but I am sure we’ll get that taken care of soon enough.

Also, it has 3-D mode. It came with nine pairs of 3D glasses. These people must think we entertain or something. I really have no idea when/how we’ll be using the 3-D, but we’ll figure that out eventually too.

We watched a DVD last night and my dog almost freaked out when someone in the movie landed a prop plane. I was worried for a moment she was going to lunge at the TV and chase that airplane. Apparently dogs can see HD too.

The difference between our old TV and our new TV is vast.

The old TV weighs about 200 pounds–it is anything but flat screen. It used to terrify me anytime we had to move that thing because, you know, TV’s don’t tend to work well if you drop them. Once we got it settled, we never moved it again.

Last night we had to move it out to the curb to make room for our new TV. It took 2 men an hour and a half to figure out how to relocate that big fat TV from inside of the house to the curb. It involved a yard cart, a lot of grunting and groaning and navigating some seriously sharp corners in our house.

Once that was done, I went out to the van, lifted the box bearing the new TV and took it right into the house all by my doughy middle-aged self.

“Oh, yeah–all that working out is really paying off! I can bench a 40lb. TV!”

Televisions have really slimmed down in almost a decade, which is fortunate, because I don’t think we could have handled two big ass televisions in one evening.

I am glad to have the new TV, but frankly I am more glad that the shopping is behind us. I think I am going to add “Buy a new TV” to my Bucket List, so I can check it off.

I find the idea of a Bucket List a little depressing. One more way to let myself down. You look at that list and think, wow—I am going to die one day and I won’t have accomplished half of these things. So, I found a way around that. I add things to my Bucket List after I have completed them. “Oh, yeah–go to Paris! Let’s put that on the Bucket List!”

Oh good–I did that already: check!

That way, as I lie on my deathbed, I can breath a sigh of relief, knowing that I am dying a fulfilled person.

Write random blog on Sunday. Oh, I always wanted to do that! Add that to the list and…


Happy Sunday

Happy Hour Blog: Chris Lee (and Jim Beam) edition

10 Feb

I opened this blog with a series of Morning Pages. Then I took a break. There was rioting in Egypt.

Not that there’s any connection between these events…

Back when I was putting up blogs on the MySpace, I used to do these evening blogs (sort of counterpoint to the Morning Pages) I called Happy Hour blogs.

In both instances, I just detained fleeting insights and random thoughts and slapped them into the space provided and called it a blog. The difference being, in the AM I am hopped up on coffee and in the PM I am hopped up on…something else.

Happy Thursday! *Cheers* (Jim Beam, please…)

I don’t know about the rest of you, but my Wednesday (and into my Thursday morning) was consumed by news of Congressman Christopher Lee.

Did you hear about this?

First–let’s just clarify.  When I first heard that Rep. Christopher Lee was involved in a sex scandal I was all, “The star of Dracula Has Risen From The Grave, Airport 77 and Lord of the Rings is a Congressman?!”

Well, it turns out that more than one person can have the same name at the same time.

Who knew? (Another round, please…)

This Congress person guy is in no way related to the actor, Christopher Lee. Instead, he is was a Congressman from Buffalo, NY.

It seems that a woman in Washington, DC (one of my favorite towns!) posted an ad on Craig’s List (one of my favorite websites) in the Women for Men personals. Her ad asked for someone to prove to her that not all men who post on Craig’s List are “toads.”  For some random reason, Christopher Lee–the Congressman, not the world-famous actor, decided to respond to this ad. Not only did he send an email, he sent a picture of himself.


Posing in front of a bathroom mirror.

Self-photographed with his Blackberry.

How MySpace throw-back is that?!

I don’t know about you, but I need a moment just to savor this… (another Jim Beam on the rocks, please!)

So…Rep. Lee, wrote this gal and said: “I hope I’m not a toad.”–then he inserted one of those keyboard created smiley face things that I refuse to reprint here.

The next thing Christopher Lee, Congressman from New York (and NOT the star of The Man with The Golden Gun, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes or Sleepy Hollow ) said in his email is: “I am a fit, fun, classy guy.” (Except he didn’t bother with the commas. Apparently “fit” and “fun” “classy guys” can’t be wasting their time on actual, you know–punctuation.)

I think I need another drink…

“Here is the best part. You have a head start. If you are among the very young at heart…”

Actually, that last line was a song lyric. But our stalwart Congressman is apparently “among the very young at heart” (as it were), ’cause the next bit of info he conveyed to this anonymous lady (he seems determined to woo) is, “Live in Cap Hill area. 6ft 190lbs blond/blue. 39.. Lobbyist. I promise not to disappoint.”

This is kind of a poignant moment for me. Being all gnarly and middle-aged and all… Imagine. The need…the desire…the very thought process that says, “lie about your age. make yourself seem young. say you’re….39…”

Who pretends to be 39? Once you’ve passed 39, it is time to stop pretending, but…

Christopher Lee is 46.

Oh, who am I to judge. I haven’t dated in (mmmm, carry the 9…) 32 years. What do I know about dating protocols?! BUT WAIT…there’s more…

Isn’t there always more when it comes to a sex scandal?!

After an email exchange or two (oh, Internet, you make it so easy to woo…and to lie…Is there any difference?!) our pal, Chris (and surely by now we may call him Chris) tells his potential new friend that he is “divorced.”

Christopher Lee is married. 1 child. (To his credit, he did mention the one child in his “I am divorced” email. Not sure what the actual wife thinks about this. Waiting for her to write a book…)

Unfortunately for Mr. Lee, his online lady friend Googled his name, checked his email address against Facebook and lo and behold, she (like a long in the tooth Nancy Drew) discovers that Christopher Lee is NOT 39 years old, NOT divorced and NOT a lobbyist but a real life genuine CONGRESSMAN!

“Hell hath no fury”…and all that. “Ms. Craig’s List Ad” decided to send the emails and the shirtless picture to Gawker, an Internet website who was happy to report it online post haste.


Congressman Lee’s office was swift to respond. With some lame story about his email account being hacked…

That lasted about 10 minutes.

“Next thing you know, old Jed’s a millionaire. Kinfolks said, you gotta move away from there…”

There may have been a momentary digression…one moment…”Jim Beam, you behave! You hear?!”

Alas, Congressman Lee abruptly resigned. After only a few hours of scorn and embarrassment.

What a buzzkill. A one day scandal?!

This is America! We expect so much more from our elected leaders.

It should be noted that Christopher Lee is a Republican.  Usually the guys from that side of the aisle are involved in scandals involving boys, prostitutes or airport glory holes so, in the pantheon of Family Values Hypocrites, Mr. Lee is a rank amateur.

For myself, I must note that former Congressman Lee voted against the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Frankly, a man who is so interested in the particulars of the sex lives of others should expect this kind of karma.

I have heard it is very cold in Buffalo. I bet it is chillier than ever for the former Congressman Christopher Lee.

He might want to invest in a nice bottle of Jim Beam…

Happy Thursday evening, everyone.

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