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Obessing about obsession

18 Jan

Sometimes I worry that I am not obsessive enough. When I was a kid I was obsessed with Dark Shadows and comic books. I remember my obsession quotient ebbing as I got older. Maybe my memory is poor, and I just might check this out against my teenage journals, but I am pretty sure I wasn’t all that obsessed with anything in my teen years other than surviving my teen years. I was pretty certain life was going to get a lot easier after high school. I was wrong, but it kept me going through the lowest points of my adolescent angst.

I guess, in retrospect, life did get better after my teen years. Perhaps it got richer–it certainly got more complicated. Plus, there was more sex.

Now that I think about it, maybe I have been obsessed before. There was that guy that time that I was pretty much stalking…Well, not stalking so much as following. Well, not following so much as “coincidentally being at the same place at the same time as he was” because through mere observation I had somewhat discerned where he lived and worked. This was before the Internet and stalking required a lot more good old fashioned footwork than it does now. Actually, that was more of a hobby than an obsession. I mean, I didn’t lose sleep over this guy or anything.

Maybe I just don’t understand the true meaning of obsession. Maybe it is a lot less intense than I think it is. Maybe some of my piques of interest were actually full blown obsessions and I just didn’t realize it. Maybe I don’t just like sushi, maybe I am obsessed with sushi, for example.

No, I just like sushi. That’s pretty much the extent of our relationship. Nothing personal, sushi.

Should Facebook add an Obsessed button to go right next to the Like button?  If they did, would I ever push it?

Maybe I am confusing obsession with passion. Not sure how much of that I have either. People say they are “passionate” about a cause or a performer and that sounds a little obsessive to me.  I don’t think I am passionate about anything. Does that mean I am just a dried up barren old fool in dire need of hormone treatments?

Maybe. Or more precisely, not to be too pathetic or to put too fine a point on it, maybe I am a bit cynical. Having navigated the more complicated waters of life post-adolescence, post-college, post-midlife and other posts in between, I have learned not too get too worked up about people, places, things. They will disappoint you.  At least sometimes.I am not sure that being even keeled about most things is such a bad way to be. It’s just that movies and songs make obsession look so darn sexy.

Maybe I’ll dig into my old journals and see if I used to dabble in obsession more than I remember. Maybe get a sense of what that was like

Perhaps, as an experiment, I need to put some effort into working up a real passion and then maybe I can foment that passion into a real obsession.

Any suggestions?

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