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Friday Lurid News

7 Jan

I always skim the headlines in the morning when I first sit down at the computer. I guess it is like skimming the newspaper, only I don’t get black smudges on my fingers. The local news always seems particularly lurid. Maybe I just live in a particularly lurid part of the world.

This morning’s stories: 40 year old woman sets her 75 year old boyfriend on fire. (Apparently she once tried to borrow a chain saw from a neighbor so she could cut her boyfriend), thieves have been stealing vases from a cemetery(only the story calls them”robbers”–maybe thieves was too hard to spell), a local cine-plex has reopened their snack bar after being shut down by the health department, but employees reveal the entire mall has a terrible roach and rat infestation problem.

Oh, and an orange alligator was spotted in Sarasota County. I guess he’s a real Gator. (Oh my, I attempted sports humor…)

In the national news there’s a lot of political stuff–mostly sniping and ridiculous speculation about the 2012 Presidential Election. Aw, do we have to start talking about that right now? We just went through a big, fat, national election and the smoke hasn’t even settled yet.Y’all lay off this story for just a little while, please! There’ll be plenty of time to talk about that soon enough. We have a local election happening in Jacksonville. Time to pick a new mayor (something, for my money, the city doesn’t do especially well most of the time…) and I think that we’ll be suffering enough without having to focus on the Presidential election just yet.

In other news, there is a velvety voiced homeless man who had become an overnight sensation. Apparently he is a former radio announcer whose career fell apart due to drugs and alcohol. A reporter found him on the street, put him on the You Tube and now he’s famous.That’s a nice story.

I am sure soon someone is going to be promoting the velvety voiced homeless man as a Presidential candidate and completely ruin that story for me.

The viral video thing is pretty fascinating. It used to be if you wanted to be famous you had to set some sports record, fly to the moon, star on TV or in a movie, sell a hit record, or kill somebody. Now you make a video, post it on You Tube and, if enough people watch it (“Leave Brittany alone!!!) you can skip the sports, space travel, and murder and go straight to famous.


I am a little bemused that I have made it to the end of my grueling 4 day work week. This cold has kicked my butt all week, but I feel OK most of the time. Snot levels not withstanding.

Have a happy Friday. I’ll be back on Monday to resume this experiment in stream of consciousness blogging silliness.

Have a great weekend!

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