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Weekend at the Movies

9 May

Welcome to the second week of May, 2011. Today I thought I’d start a new feature for these daily morning writes of mine, a sort of word of the day—only with 2 words.

The first is from a website called http://www.savethewords.com. This is a site devoted to keeping alive words that are no longer in popular usage, words that (as the site says) “now lie unused, unloved and unwanted.” Today’s randomly selected word is foppotee. A foppotee is a simple-minded person.

My other word of the day source is from http://www.elsajoy.com. This site includes a daily mantra generator. With a random touch of the mouse pointer, I have learned that my mantra on this day will be: Understanding.

One hopes that I will extend this understanding to any foppotees I might encounter today, as sometimes I am not as patient with the simple-minded as perhaps I should be.

I had a good weekend. I walked in the March of Dimes Walk for Babies with a team from work. The walk took us from the Jacksonville Landing, across the Acosta Bridge, down Prudential Drive to Riverplace Blvd, across the Main Street Bridge, down Bay Street and back to the Landing.

I just realized that route means nothing to non-locals. But my point was, we walked across 2 bridges. The police closed the roads, so we got to walk across the bridge, right down the middle of the road. I was midway across the Main Street Bridge, which is a draw bridge, when I looked down and realized I was walking on grating which affords you a view of the teeming St. Johns River below. I have driven across this bridge and not given that grating or the river below too much thought. But walking across it, with the river in plain view beneath my feet was daunting. I didn’t freak out or have a panic attack, but I thought about freaking out or having a panic attack. Since I didn’t want to do that right there in the middle of the bridge, in broad open day light in front of hundreds of people (why were none of them freaking out? Did they not feel the grating beneath their feet and see the river?) I just walked a lot faster.

It was, overall, a nice walk.

After the walk, I rendezvous with my significant other for Chinese food and then the running of the errands. This did include a trip to Lowes, but it was a needful trip, so I won’t carry on about it this time.

Saturday evening we finally got around to watching the acclaimed, award winning movie, The Black Swan. We are both Natalie Portman fans, so I was very eager to see her Oscar winning performance. In case you haven’t seen it, Natalie is this ballerina who spends most of the movie with a pinched expression on her face, looking like she is going to snap at any moment. She has this crazy mother played by Barbara Hershey who has apparently had one of those facelifts that is so tight it makes it look like she has somehow turned Asian. Barbara also seems as if she is going to snap any time now. I really kept expecting Barbara to go full out Piper Laurie in Carrie on Natalie at any moment. Natalie meets this new girl in the ballet company, played by Mila Kunis. Is Mila a friend? Is Mila really a rival out to steal Natalie’s plumb role as The Swan Queen? I won’t spoil it for you in case you want to see it. I can tell you this is one of those movies that I will not be watching a second time. Ugh. I just wanted to slap Natalie, tell her to get a flipping grip and while you’re at it–move out of your mother’s house!  And eat some cake. There’s a scene where she refused to eat a piece of cake and you can just imagine how much that bothered me. It looked like good cake too…

Last night we watched 127 Hours, which starred another favorite of my household, James Franco. James plays a guy who, while exploring a canyon, falls down a crevice and winds up with his arm pinned under a rock. No one knows he’s there, so how will he survive? How will he escape? Since this is based on a true story, you may well know how he escapes. (Youch! That’s all I’m gonna say.) Knowing in advance  how he escapes really doesn’t spoil the movie for you, although watching the scene where he does what it is he had to do to escape is pretty harrowing. I really liked this movie a lot.

When 127 Hours was over, I sort of wished I could go back and throw Natalie Portman and her mother into that big deep crevice.

See if she can pas de duex her way out of that one.

Maybe if they’d had a scene like that, I might have liked The Black Swan a lot better.

I hope your day is filled with Understanding and free from Foppotees.

Happy Monday

Why I am not a criminal

17 Jan

Where did the weekend go? I had it right here and then *poof* it sort of vanished into thin air.

More accurately it didn’t go *poof* so much as it slipped through my fingers, leaving me standing here with weekend residue on my fingers…

Screw the metaphor–weekend is over, that’s all I know.

My long time bachelor companion is now recouping from the cold that I am more or less finally over. “You brought this into this house!” he accused me in a raspy voice, between bouts of coughing up the most unspeakably colored phlegm. Fortunately he just happened to have a doctor’s appointment on Friday and the doctor confirmed what I pretty much already knew–it is just a bad cold. Not the flu, the bird flu, the swine flu or the bubonic plague. So glad to have dodged those bullets.

While the man friend was feeling poorly, I was finally feeling like myself again, so I got in a couple of bike rides, despite the cool weather.  Also got in a little reading. And fun stuff like laundry. Mustn’t forget the fun stuff.

And, to no one’s surprise, I watched movies. I saw “Valley of the Dolls” via Netflix instant queue. This may have been the first time I saw that movie from beginning to end, uncut. What can I say about “Valley of the Dolls” that hasn’t already been said? They don’t make them like that any more. There is much to learn from “Valley of the Dolls” but of course the most important message remains: “Broadway doesn’t go for booze and dope.”

We also watched “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and “Two Hands”. These two movies are both from one off my favorite genres–someone gets in over his head with a mobster, then has to pull a heist to get enough money to bail himself out of the mess and in the course of doing so, gets into a bigger mess.  The hapless heroes of these kind of movies is usually a good guy at heart. And a very bad criminal.The world seems to be full of bad criminals.

I get the impression from reading the news that most criminals are pretty stupid. No offense to the fine folks in law enforcement, but I get the impression most cases are not cracked thanks to clever detective work but are, in fact, solved because the people who commit crimes are just not that bright.

For example, locally we had a sting of robberies–convenience stores and a bank or two. Three people involved. So one of these criminal masterminds was driving down a major street in town, in the same car she used as their get away car during the bank heist, but she disguised it by putting a stolen license plate on it. Some random policeman, driving down that same major street, ran the plate, found out it was stolen and pulled her over. In the car they found the baseball cap this lady wore during the bank robbery along with a box of loot from the bank.  This lady criminal then sang like a bird  and the police went and arrested the other two robbers. Case closed.

Which is why I have a regular job and am not a criminal. I think being a criminal would be really stressful. So many details to keep straight (driving getaway car with stolen license plate down Hendricks Avenue is a bad idea? Who knew?) and I am sure I’d forget some key detail and find myself in the slammer in 15 minutes. That would suck because I am sure they don’t have access to the Netflix instant queue in jail. That’s all the deterrent I need.

Did I mention it is also raining this morning? Well, it is.

Happy Monday anyway…


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