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May Day

1 May




The Sleep Sirens, with their lilting song (“Just ten more minutes! Just ten more minutes!”) seduced me yesterday morning. I should never have listened. That damn refrain of theirs, “Just ten more minutes,” kept lulling me into–you guessed it, 10 more minutes. Next thing I knew, a good half an hour was gone and I was running late.

Yesterday morning started off badly anyway. I fired up the coffee maker and took the dog for a walk. When I returned, I realized that while I had put coffee grounds into the coffee maker, I had not put in a drop of water. A pot of air coffee awaited me just when I needed the real thing most of all. I poured water in and then had to wait. Well, while I am waiting for the coffee to brew, what’s the harm in “just ten more minutes…” ?

Those bitches had me.

Not this morning! I am fighting them with every fiber of my being. Plus, I actually put water in the coffee maker today. I am nursing a mug of strong java to dissuade me from listening to those sirens again. Not this morning anyway.

Today is May Day. In fact, every day during this month is a day in May, but today is officially May Day. It began as a pagan holiday in per-Christian Europe. In the United States and Europe, there are secular celebrations which include dancing around the May Pole and crowning the Queen of the May.

I think we did some of that stuff when I was in Elementary School, but I am vague on the details. It has certainly been decades since I’ve seen a May Pole, much less danced around it.

I know that made us square dance in elementary school. Oh, the humanity. We were just little educational guinea pigs to the local school system, weren’t we? It is a wonder any of us survived.

May Day is also called International Worker’s Day. Numerous countries honor workers on May 1, including Israel, Japan, India and the Philippines. India in particular has a lot of workers to celebrate, since every tech support call center in the world seems to be there now. (Outsourcing, anyone!?) In many nations, today is comparable to Labor Day.

I think here in America, we need to keep Labor Day where it is, in September. We have Memorial Day at the end of May to officially kick off Summer. We need some holiday to tell us when Summer is over, and Labor Day seems to work just fine. Plus, there are sales tied to each of these days. The retailers seem to depend on it.

So, Happy May Day. Not sure how you and yours traditionally spend this day. I know we have no festivities planned at my home or office. If anyone who works where I works is getting up this morning anticipating being crowned Queen of the May, she (or he, cause–why not?) is going to be sorely disappointed.

Today is also the birthday of the beautiful and talented Judy Collins. She is 72 years old today. Judy has given us so many wonderful musical moments, I think I will crown her Queen of the May.

Happy Birthday, Judy. Happy Tuesday to one and all.


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