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Friday PSA

16 Mar

Today would be Friday. I know everyone I encounter today is going to tell me how glad they are it is Friday.  I can’t say I regret that it is Friday myself, but I sure don’t know where the week went.  Time doesn’t  just fly when you’re having fun.  Time just plain flies all the damn time.


That was the sound of the week flying by.


Or it could be the sound of another meth lab blowing up.

We seem to have a lot of meth labs here in the tri-county area. They don’t all blow up, fortunately, but the police seem to find them anyway. Seems like every time I look at the news, look–another meth lab!

There was even a hotel with a meth lab in it in the news this week. They had to close down the whole hotel and boot everyone out–even the non-meth lab involved people.  Dangerous chemicals and caustic fumes, don’t you know?

Back in the day, when I was young and drugs seemed like a fun idea, I don’t remember the subject of meth ever coming up. I didn’t know anyone who used it and I certainly didn’t know anyone who manufactured it. Somebody, somewhere was cooking up LSD, but I didn’t know anyone who did that either. Frankly, I knew more than a few people who were “420 friendly” (if you know what I mean. *wink*, *wink*) but none of them were any good at keeping even one plant alive.

Marijuana is not only difficult to spell, it is also challenging to grow. They may call it weed, but it sure doesn’t grow like a weed. Or so I’ve heard.

Horticulture was certainly not my long suit. So, the idea that I’d participate in anything that involved chemistry was out of the question.  I flunked Chemistry in college. I had to take it twice.

Science is hard.

Now, I do watch that TV show, Breaking Bad, so I am pretty informed about the whole meth thing. But from what I have read, not everybody who cooks up batches of the stuff is as well versed in chemistry as that teacher guy on Breaking Bad. If they were, their labs wouldn’t keep blowing up.

Like I said, science is hard. I’ve seen the pictures of the people they bust for running meth labs and they don’t strike me as the kind of people who got any better than a D minus in Chemistry in high school. They should stick to sniffing spray paint and leave the science to people who know what they’re doing.

That was my public service announcement for the week. Hopefully I have done some good here and steered some of the more errant among my readers toward a safer and more practical path on the road of life.

Get a real job. With a medical plan. Then when you need drugs, all you’ll have to do is come up with the co-payment. So much safer.

Speaking of real jobs, I do have one. It is time for me to pull myself together and hit the road.

Oops–almost forgot to take my meds. We wouldn’t want that…


I will be taking a blog-break for the weekend, but will be back Monday for more early morning typing. Have a wonderful weekend!

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