Birthday Meditation

28 Aug

I begin my birthday with the traditional Birthday Breakfast of my people– a cupcake (cookies and creme) and sangria (hey–it has citrus in it!) As the sugar smacks slap dab against the alcohol, I suddenly feel exhausted. Time for a nap…

I have turned the big Five Nine–that’s 59, not 5+9 (hell no! I’d rather be old than be 14 again.) I guess it is high time I accept the fact that I am a grown-up. Time to buckle down.

As I grow older, my pants grow tighter. Maybe, then it is actually time to unbuckle down–at least until I can catch my breath.

So much of our response to life is based on what we have been told by others. Where do those preconceptions end and our own perceptions begin?

Our own perceptions are formed by the stories we tell ourselves; stories we have assembled from feelings and the chatter of our ego, as much as cold, hard facts.

The truth is, facts are sometimes warm; if not soft, then at least mushy.

Facts derived from memory aren’t even facts. They’re just personal lore–tales passed down inside your head from one brain cell generation to another.

Mix that stuff together, let set–that’s the gray matter where perception dwells. Where associations occur; Where limitations sit, arms folded across their limited chests, with pursed lips and rolling eyes that perpetually telegraph, “Uh-uh” even before you’ve decided your next move.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t trust your own perceptions, I’m just saying they’re not always as rock solid as they seem. There could be another way of looking at things, sometimes–just sayin’…

It is important to question the stories we tell ourselves–it is especially important to at least question our perceived limitations.

Why do you think those limitations are always rolling their eyes? Self preservation. They are more than a little bit scared that you might just stare them down, lock eyes and shut down their perpetual “uh-uh’s” with a big old “Uh-huh!” of your own, thereby rendering them mute or, even, irrelevant.

Go on–stare those bitches down!

Now, I am not a brain scientist, so don’t go on Jeopardy and choose Gray Matters and start quoting me and expect to win.

I make no claims. Except, sometimes I am pretty convinced we create our own reality.

Of course that could just be the cupcake and sangria talking. But it sounds real to me. At this moment. After having a cupcake and sangria for breakfast, cause it’s my birthday–the day I embrace the beginning of my 60th revolution around the sun.

That’s all of the reality I care to process just now, thank you.

As they say, keep it real.

One Response to “Birthday Meditation”

  1. Ami Moldovanyi August 28, 2017 at 5:28 pm #

    Welcome to the beginnings of the 60’s…almost…as you say…one more rotation!!!! It will soon be my 65th birthday…eh…it’s just another 365 days…know what I mean? Happy Birthday…it was wonderful to see a post from you once again. You gave me a reason to smile! With best wishes…MiMi( my name to my only grandchild…Braysen…she just turned3)

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