Let’s Get Perspective!

6 Jan

Monday was everything I expected it to be–chaotic and non-stop busy. Not too bad, actually.

I think sometimes I enjoy a little chaos.

I wasn’t so keen on waking up this morning.

Before my alarm went off, the cat advised me it was time for me to get my “furless butt out of bed,” as it was time for breakfast. The cat convinces me to get up by sitting on my chest and then patting my face with his paw. He even pats my mouth, as if to say, “this is the hole breakfast goes into. Now get up and give me something to put in my face hole!”

Animals have such a way with words, don’t they?

Once she knows I am alert, or at least conscious, it is time for the dog to remind me that she wants to go for her morning walk. She has a special bark that says, “I want to go out and I want to go out now, please!” If I ignore her she crawls up on my pillow and sits on my head. The dog weighs 70lbs, so this tactic is bound to get me stirring.

Animals have a way with non-verbal communication too.

When the dog and I ventured out into the cool, dark morning, I noticed that the street seemed especially dark. Then I realized the street lights were out as far as they eye could see. (I say “the eye” because at that hour, pre-coffee, I only have enough strength to have one eye open.)

Further down the street, I could see lights and the general hub bub that indicates the electric company is working their magic on an electrical pole. It was dark and cold and some poor guy had to not only get out of bed–he had to climb into a cherry picker and play with live electrical wires. (I hope he at least had both eyes open.)

God bless the electric company. (And not just that Rita Moreno show that used to be on PBS, but the real electric company too. And Rita Moreno and friends also.)

Today, I am told (because I don’t really remember when this happened) is “traditionally” believed to be the birthday of Joan Van Ark. She was born in like, 1412 or something. She is a heroine of France, a Roman Catholic saint and, of course, played Valerie Ewing on Falcon Crest.

Wait–that can’t be right. Surely I have some of my facts mixed up here. OH–of course, Valerie Ewing wasn’t on Falcon Crest–she was a character on Knots Landing! What a faux pax! My apologies.

Anyway, I heard she was burned at the stake. Very sad.

Also on this day in 1994 (and this I do remember) figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was clubbed in the knee with a police baton by some goon who had been hired by the husband of her skaing rival, Tonya Harding.

This incident is remembered primarily because of Nancy Kerrigan’s tearful response to the attack–“Why, why, why?”–a cry that would permeate the collective consciousness for decades to come.

I know I can be found at least once a week, at work, curled up under my desk, writhing and crying, “why, why, why?”  But of course, all of us have a similar tale to tell.

The really horrible aftermath of this event is that it made Tonya Harding famous and she just wouldn’t go away!

She didn’t get any medals at the Olympics, so you would have thought she would slink off quietly–but no! Just when you think  you have completely forgotten her, she pops up participating in some “celebrity” boxing match, or giving a “tell all” interview complaining about how crappy her life has been.

Maybe she should step back and get a little perspective.

Maybe Tonya would benefit from studying the life of Joan Van Arc. Joan was burned at the stake, Tonya! And you think you’ve got it so bad!

Life is so strange, is it not?

The coffee has kicked in and now both of my eyes are open. Time for me to dam up this stream of consciousness and ride off into the sunrise for another thrilling day in the world of gainful employment.

Have an awesome Tuesday.

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