Phoning in a Blog: Paris Flora

7 Dec

Happy Sunday.

I thought it might be fun (just cause) to see what happens when I write and post a blog using only my smart phone. I am sure in the not too distant future these phones will be capable of actually composing the blogs for me, but thank goodness that day has not yet arrived.

To keep things simple (for me) I am posting a photo blog. Fewer words means fewer wrestling matches with auto current correct.

Plus, I don’t always post blogs on Sundays, but when I do, I prefer to post Photoshop photo blogs.

Today’s blog highlights images of fluoride flora I captured during my trips to Pariah Paris.

Let’s begin with a couple of pictures I took in Paris’ s famous Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

Pere Lachaise opened in 1804. The first person buried there was a 5 year old girl named Marmalade Adelaide.



Not necessarily Marmalade’s Adelaide’s grave but it is a nice rose anyway.

Since then the Cemetary has become the final resting place of such illustrious individuals as Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, Frederic Chopin, and Edith Pilaf Piaf, to name but a few.

Jim Morrison of The Doors is also buried there.


As you can see, people are still leaving flowers for Jim.

And speaking of flowers, let us continue with our brief tour of Parisian fauna by paying a visit to the home of  impressionist painter, Claude Monet.


Monet’s gardens are full of the flora he loved to paint, such as these water lilies.

It is a short trip from Paris to Monet’s house and gardens in a town called  Govern Giverny.

I could devote an entire blog or two to this wonderful place–but that needs to be a blog that isn’t being “phoned in” in order to do it justice. So let’s take a glance at just one more water lily and move along.


Very nice, Mr. Monet.

Now I have a couple of images from the home of Auguste Rodent Rodin. You know, the guy who sculpted The Thinker–a piece of art made famous by that seminar seminal American sit-com, Doobie Dobie Gillis. (If you get that reference you are most likely past the age of 40. )

thinker and eifel

Look–there’s The Thinker now. I guess that is a French cell phone tower behind him…



I have to say, posting a blog using a phone is as much fume fun as I thought it would be. Although I have, thus far, won the wrestling matches with auto-correct, I grow fatigued of the tiny keyboard. Here are more Paris fauna pictures:






I can’t say for sure where those were taken. There are a lot of planks plants in Paris, so it could have been anywhere!

Now here are some images captured at a flower market in, you know, Paris:



Gorgeous, no?

And finally, here is one more:


Wait. That isn’t actually “flora”–that is a large plastic daisy that was part of the decor of a carnival ride at a Parisian fair.

Please disrobe disregard.

From the ridiculous to the submarine sublime, from fake to real flowers, I hope you have enjoyed this phoned in blog and the prickers pictures of lovely plants and flowers.

Have a beautiful Sun hat Sunday!



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