Adventures in Mass Transit

29 Nov

Our local transit system is going to make some radical changes as of December 1, 2014. So I felt the urge to go back and revisit this blog from a few years ago.

Cat Zen Space

Because of car problems, two weeks ago I began taking the bus to work. Despite the inconvenience of not having a functional car, I feel real pleasure in knowing that I am doing my part for the environment.

On my first day back in the mass transit groove, the bus is late. It finally arrives and as soon as I get on I can tell this driver is going to be trouble.

“So, did you watch the game yesterday?” she asks in a voice that can only be described as “chipper.”
I am of the belief that chipper is for chipper/shredders, not for human beings.
I am a morning person. Shoot me, but I am. Still, I don’t want to make small talk with strangers in the morning and I sure as heck don’t want to talk about a subject I know nothing about whether it is the gross domestic…

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