Life is a Medley

18 Jun


I am starting my Monday with a cup of Harvest Medley yogurt and, of course, coffee. The yogurt is pretty tasty.

I am just a sucker for any food that calls itself a “Medley.” Sort of like a “melange.” Serve up a nice medley or a yummy melange and I am there.

Welcome to my morning page, stream of consciousness blog. This is truly one of those mornings when I start typing and see where I wind up.

Everybody’s living for the weekend….Well, I hope not, because we have 5 full days to squander before the weekend rolls around again. Let’s not hurt Monday’s feelings by pining for a different day. People are mean enough to Monday as it is.

I lost my virginity on a Monday (heterosexually speaking.) Also, it was raining. I am a bit more attuned to this fact right now, because I make reference to this event in the monologue I am performing in The Coming Out Monologues. (See earlier blog.) What I don’t mention in the monologue is something I only recently realized.

The particular Monday in question, November 27, 1978, was also the day that Dan White murdered George Moscone and Harvey Milk in San Francisco. Meanwhile, a man I did not know at the time, but would later spend most of my life with–then a stranger, now my significant other, Ray,was arriving in San Francisco with a friend of his. His friend was moving from Chicago to San Francisco, and my significant other, having recently broken up with his girl friend of many years, was along for the ride.

They heard the news on the radio as they drove into the city. Ray turned to his friend, Bill (no relation to me) and said, “That’s a weird welcome to San Francisco.”

Ray’s journey with Bill took him to New York,Washington, DC, Chicago and San Francisco. Somewhere in the midst of all of this, Ray met a lawyer in DC who wanted him to move in with him. Ray went back to Jacksonville to settle some personal business and to see his family. By then it was March of 1979. Our paths crossed. Eventually, Ray forgot about the lawyer in DC.

Chump. I would totally have gone back to DC and moved in with the attorney. Oh, well, there’s no accounting for taste.

Within a few years, Ray and I would move to San Francisco ourselves. We lived there for three years, and then returned to Jacksonville. Several years later, my job would require frequent trips to Washington, DC. I never did meet that attorney who, no doubt, got over Ray a long time ago.

Is any of this as cosmic as my weary brain seems to think it is? Might be the coffee kicking in. The caffeine hits a brain cell and suddenly my mind thinks we’re having an “insight” when in reality, it’s just some chemical reaction going on in my head.

Life is a medley–a melange, if you will–of connections that run between people, places and events.

See how I managed to bring the blog back full circle?

Life is like yogurt–stir it around, you never know what you might find on the bottom.

OK–that last line may have been a bridge too far, but it is a sign I am waking up.

Woo hoo. The coffee is kicking in now, baby.

Happy Monday.

2 Responses to “Life is a Medley”

  1. Jay McDonald June 18, 2012 at 6:55 am #

    Happy Monday Bill. Glad I was up early enough to catch this in my news feed before it got buried by the onslaught of cute kitties and political assaults. I love your stream of consciousness blogs…

  2. Anita Henderson June 18, 2012 at 9:17 am #

    You cracked me up, made this Monday thing not so bad, as only you can seem to do!

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