The case of the haunted keyboard

18 May

I have the lamest excuse ever for not blogging for 2 days.

Our wireless keyboard is apparently possessed. For reasons that are unclear, it has decided there are certain letters it will not type. Oh, you can press the key all you want, but nothing will appear.

One of the letters it refuses to type is the letter A. As you may know, A is a vowel. You could say that vowels are the building blocks of words. Words are the building blocks of sentences and so it goes. Vowels are pretty key to this whole “writing” thing.

I read that Dr. Seuss wrote the book Green Eggs and Ham using just 50 different words. His publisher, Bennett Cerf bet him that he couldn’t complete a book with so few words. Dr. Seuss won the bet and Green Eggs and Ham remains a perennial bestseller.

At first, I took this haunted keyboard situation as a challenge–as if I was Dr. Seuss and my keyboard was Bennett Cerf.

When I was a kid, Bennett Cerf used to be on TV in a show called What’s My Line? which was a really low tech game show with a maximum prize of $50.

For all I know, you could buy a house and two cars with $50 in 1951 when that show debuted, but it still doesn’t seem like much of a prize when you think about it.

But getting back to this keyboard situation, I was thinking I would adjust to the challenge and try to write a blog using only the letters the haunted keyboard would allow me to use. No A? I don’t need no stinkin’ A. I still had 4 other vowels and “sometimes Y” to work with.

I tried. Turns out the keyboard wasn’t allowing access to the letter H either. Forget W as well. I’ve always been rather fond of W, so this seemed like a particularly serious setback. What to do? Or, as my keyboard would have me type: ”   t to do?”

So, I didn’t write a blog. When I had an opportunity to discuss the situation with my significant other–the closest thing to a technical guru there is in my house–his advice was, “use your laptop.”

Oh, he’s a genius. I could have figured that one out all by myself.

The bigger issue is, what are we going to do about the PC? “I think the keyboard is out of warranty,” was his reply.

The keyboard is also apparently out of A, H and W, but what are we going to do about it?  Another non-sequitur or two followed, so I just dropped the subject for the time being.

With this matter unresolved, I went a second day without blogging.

I get very frustrated when a mechanical or electronic device does not do exactly what it is expected to do. I have a passive-aggressive approach to these situations. I go away. Then I come back later, like nothing was ever wrong in the first place and I try again. I don’t know why this should work, but sometimes it actually does. Errant devices do sometimes forge a course correction of their own.

And sometimes they don’t.

Yesterday, I sat down to blog: ”  ppy Thursd y!”

The keyboard had not miraculously fixed itself.  It was still behaving like a demented Ouija board.

Sure, I could have taken out my laptop and used it, but that seemed far too practical, simple and not the least bit passive-aggressive, so that particular solution did not appeal to me.

And here we are. Friday. I was ready to throw in the towel. But I sat down and gave the keyboard one more chance. And it is typing perfectly! It wasn’t so crazy of me to wait it out.  See, patience is a virtue!

Wait…this keyboard isn’t wireless.  The haunted keyboard did not fix itself. I’d say my in-house tech guru swapped out the keyboard while I slept.  Sometimes if you wait it out, electronic devices will fix themselves and sometimes if you wait it out, your technical guru will stop spouting unhelpful answers and surprise you with a new keyboard.

All that matters is that I am once again free to pursue a life of typing fulfillment.  Just in time for the weekend!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

2 Responses to “The case of the haunted keyboard”

  1. Pamela N Red May 18, 2012 at 10:16 am #

    Sometimes taking canned air and cleaning your keyboard works. They get dust and crumbs keeping them from making a good contact. You can pop the keys off of some and clean them with a cotton swab and alcohol.

    The pictures on this article are pretty gross but it gives instructions on how to clean one.

  2. Jane Schueler May 18, 2012 at 6:47 pm #

    How nice that your computer guru traded keyboards and “surprise!!!” your keyboard started to work again! I love reading your blogs and so pleased that you are doing so again:) Jane from SW Ohio

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