Duct tape and the decor of justice

26 Apr

I didn’t blog yesterday. I woke after a mediocre to poor night’s sleep and said, “I am not feeling it.”  The muse had left the building and I was not even willing to phone it in. So I just avoided the keyboard and went on with my day.

This morning, muse or no,  I am making a grab at random straws from the hay bale of life. Let’s see what happens.

Here in my home town, we’re having a big controversy over the new court house. The court house has been quite the controversy for some time–there were construction delays, cost overruns, liberal use of the phrase “boondoggle” and plenty of political grandstanding. Now, three mayors later, it is almost time for this new hall of justice to open for business.

The new courthouse is gigantic, which is a little bit disheartening. I get the feeling we’re all going to be going on trial for something in the next few years, just based on the sheer bigness of the place.

Somewhere along the lines, I imagine someone took a look at the plans for this hulking courthouse and said, “Super size it! Everyone is guilty of something, so they’re all coming through here sooner or later!”

That’s a depressing thought.

But even more depressing, at least to some folks, is the fact that the people in charge of getting the court house up and running are (horrors!) moving old furniture from the old courthouse into the new digs. Some of the judges are scandalized. I can just imagining them touring the facility and gasping, “I can’t believe they brought this old thing over from the old place!”

The old court house opened for business in 1958. That is the year I was born, so I can attest to the fact that that is some old ass furniture. Over the years those old tables and such has been damaged by flooding and, I am thinking, a lot of felonious butts have sat in some of those old chairs.

Who wants to sit down in the well worn butt groove carved by a parade of reprobate rear ends?

The news people keep showing us examples of tables and chairs which have been repaired using duct tape. I can kind of see why some people think it is beyond tacky to put these items you probably couldn’t sell at a Good Will Thrift Store, on display inside a fancy new court house that we’ve all contributed something like $350 million tax dollars to build.

Of course, that doesn’t leave a lot of money to go furniture shopping, so you can see the dilemma.

There are plans to sell the old courthouse and put the proceeds toward the new chamber of justice. I can’t imagine what anyone is going to do with the old place. It is dank and depressing. Of course, it is riverfront property, so that’s a selling feature. Maybe someone will renovate it and turn it into condos. If so, I recommend some serious incense burning, smudge ceremony to clean the negative energy out of that place. Divorce, murder, rape, child abuse–that building has seen and heard it all.

Divorces have been fought there. People have been sentenced to death in that place. Someone has repaired old furniture with duct tape inside those walls. Who can cope with making their home in a negative energy vortex of that scale?

Smudge, people, smudge!

Thursday is beginning to happen all around me. Nearly time for me to step into the vortex of the day.

Happy Thursday.

One Response to “Duct tape and the decor of justice”

  1. Mary Atwood April 26, 2012 at 9:04 am #

    Besides being old and full of negative energy, the old courthouse building is just plain ugly. You couldn’t give me a condo there! However, aside from the well worn chairs, I would be interested in some of that old furniture.

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