Life is filled with the music of inappropriate laughter

16 Apr

So, I sat down to get to blogging and suddenly Poodle, one of my cats, came bounding into the room, he jumped up on the computer desk managing to unload more than half my cup of coffee all over the desk, and then jumped up on a shelf–one of his favorite high spots.

All the “Dammit! Poodle!” and grousing in the world did not phase the little orange demon. He is washing his paw right now just to show how unconcerned he is by my little outburst.

Of course my significant other uses this desk as his “filing system”–random bits of paper, receipts, business cards, cash, mail–sort of scattered and piled about via a system only he comprehends. I think I’ve saved the bulk of it and I’ve wiped up the mess. But everything is going to smell like coffee for a while.

Thanks, Poodle, for getting the blog off to a dramatic start on a Monday morning.

I was just reading a news story about a woman who drove her car into a Publix supermarket yesterday afternoon. Not the Publix where I shop, fortunately.

There is nothing funny about this, I know, but I was actually giggling at this story when Poodle launched himself at my coffee cup. Perhaps he was sent to punish me for being amused by this article.

There is a German word for this–schadenfreude. Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortune of others. I am not, I repeat, NOT amused by the misfortune of others. Not even a little bit.

I think it is just terrible this accident occurred. But it already happened, so I don’t see what difference it makes if the news story amuses me.

I am not laughing at the situation. There are just parts of the reportage that gave me a giggle. For example, this is the sentence that made me laugh:

Shoppers say the elderly woman blew through the stop sign, right through the Publix entrance, hit people in the express lane and stopped in front of the potato chip stand.

There is almost a whole short story right there in that one sentence. How horrible that people in the express lane were hit by the car. Thank goodness the potato chip stand was spared.

Specific details are what makes a sentence pop.

Stories on local news sites are generally very poorly written. This one is quite the exception.

Apparently this woman was going about 50 miles per hour. Did she mistake the entrance to Publix for a drive though? She was 76 years old–please don’t tell me she was texting.

I always assume when something like this occurs that the driver had a heart attack or something. The article, which is so specific about the potato chip stand, does not mention the driver’s condition except to quote a customer: “The lady driver fell out, on the floor, she was banged up pretty good.”

She is a key character in this story (a terrible, terrible story, it is too!) but we don’t learn more about her. Perhaps there will be a follow-up.

An elderly man was trapped under the car. This part of the story is rather heroic:

10 or 12 men rushed over and lifted up the car. A witness said a crane couldn’t have picked it up any faster.

Uh, oh…then there’s another sentence that got me giggling:

The manager of the store’s meat department took charge to help the man under the car.

Before anyone decides I am terribly horrible, as opposed to just horrible in an average way, I want to tell you that the elderly man’s injuries, though serious, are reported to be non-life threatening.

I don’t really want to say anything more about this story. Last week I revealed that I, at one time, long ago, spent some of my free time stalking someone (it was just a phase!) so, I have already been downgraded in the estimation of some people. Making light of a terrible freak accident is not going to do anything to rebuild my image.

But isn’t that why they call them freak accidents? They are freaky! Freaky things are often funny. I didn’t make that rule—it’s just a fact of life!

I am not an unfeeling bastard, I am just a man who sometimes laughs at inappropriate times. And I am not the only one. Life is filled with the music of inappropriate laughter.

Not that I would have laughed if I had been there when this actually happened. It is the news story, not the actual event that I find amusing.

Now that damn cat is curled up, snoozing and looking angelic. I am sure he is dreaming of other beverages he can spill in spectacular ways. And purring about it.

I think cats have a touch of the schadenfreude.

Happy Monday

2 Responses to “Life is filled with the music of inappropriate laughter”

  1. Pamela N Red April 16, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    A reminder of why I don’t own a cat. Sorry.

    I think senior citizens are over medicated. I read an article on this a while back and many of the drugs they are on are too strong and some don’t interact well with the other pile of pills they take. I think that is part of the reason so many get confused, fall from dizzy spells and even fall asleep at the wheel.

    She probably got the gas and brake pedals mixed up, not sure how that would happen but I’ve heard that is the usual excuse.

  2. Carla April 16, 2012 at 11:24 am #

    I am possibly the “Queen of Inappropriate Laughter”. Is there a support group for this? Or do we all just get together and laugh at all sorts of inappropriate humor? Maybe we could even show film clips of people busting their ass or something. I’m giggling right now just thinking of the fun this would be!

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