Time, smoke and paper

11 Apr

Another smokey morn here in Northeast Florida.

I took the dog for a walk and all of the streetlights have yellow and orange halos. It was either the smoke or an acid flashback, but considering the strong odor (which was definitely no hallucination) I am going to go with the smoke as culprit.

These wildfires are just wild, I tell you.

I rode my bike to work yesterday and by the time I arrived, I smelled like a forest fire. I took a shower at the gym, which helped, but the interior of the gym smelled like a forest fire too. Fortunately, the wind shifted and things got clearer as the day progressed.

The news media cannot get their story straight. Today I am reading there are 49 fires burning in Northeast Florida. Does this mean there are new fires or what? All I know is there’s a lot of smoke.

Yesterday was that Time Management class I mentioned in a previous blog. I am so fortunate I facilitated the class with a good friend and long time colleague. She is one of the most efficient and organized people I know. I don’t know how the people who attended the class felt about it, but I think it went well. My boss was pleased, so *score*!

When you teach a class about organization and time management and tell people phrases like, “Clutter is death!” when you, yourself, are truly the poster child for ‘clutter is death”, it feels a little bit, oh–what is that word, hypocritical. Yeah, I am a big old hypocrite. At least in this particular area.

Frankly, it is a wonder I have had any success in my life at all. How in the world did I even graduate form college? I shudder to imagine how much more successful I could have been, if only I were not such a clutter-clinging, time challenged mess.

But, I can’t help it. I’m creative!

Balderdash. My best friend is both creative AND organized. That excuse won’t fly.

One of the things we taught is you should never touch a piece of paper more than once.

OMG–I’ve been known to touch a piece of paper so many times I feel practically obligated to marry it by the time I’m done with it. “What are your intentions?” the paper seems to be crying–“Please, file me or just shred me–what kind of cheap document do you think I am?!”

They don’t call it paperwork for nothing. Got paper? Work it, work it!

Fortunately, I was so inspired by the class we taught on time management that I am determined to really make some changes.

No, really.

I know all the documents in my office that are tired of being violated by me again and again will be relieved. “Oh, I am so going to file you, baby!”

I will be giving my office a serious overhaul when I get to work today. That is, if I don’t get interrupted…

You know, I could be a lot more efficient at my job if I never had to interact with other people. They’re always wanting something and asking me to touch their documents and stuff.

Of course, I do work in Human Resources. I think the requirement to interact with people in right there in the name of the department. Human…Human beings as Resources–what a concept!

So it is all about balance–finding time to organize, manage your time AND actually serve the needs of your customers. (Damn humans, always getting up in your business!)

But seriously, I am going to work on this. Watching the late Randy Pausch’s lecture on Time Management really hit home. Time is a commodity, like money. If you lose your money, you can earn more. When you lose time, you never get it back.

Unless you’re Dr. Who. Time Lords have it made, I tell you.

I am no Time Lord. So I will just have to make an effort.

Nothing like starting the day with a strong resolve. I love the smell of positive intention in the morning.

It’s the smell of smoke I could do without.

Happy Wednesday!

3 Responses to “Time, smoke and paper”

  1. enwayne April 11, 2012 at 6:50 am #

    Oh, we are soooo alike, Bill! (Except for the smoky part). I have touched pieces of paper in many guises so many times, yet refuse to get rid of them. It is one of my downfalls. Maybe THAT’S where my time goes!

  2. Pamela N Red April 11, 2012 at 9:13 am #

    I have organized chaos in my office. I have piles everywhere but know exactly where everything is. I know I should file or straighten it up but then I wouldn’t be able to find anything, I know, I’ve done it before.

  3. Mary Atwood April 11, 2012 at 3:44 pm #

    “My best friend is both creative AND organized.”
    That you believe this is the reason I do not allow you to visit my studio!

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