Another Random Monday

9 Apr

Good morning.

Monday after Easter–time for another in a long series of post-holiday let downs.

Put down the marshmallow chick! Step away from the Peeps! And for goodness sakes, comb that plastic grass out of your hair!

I managed to make it through the Easter season relatively candy-free, though I did indulge in a single Cadbury Creme Egg yesterday. Now that that is behind me, I can move on.

Lent is over. Everyone–indulge!

I stopped drinking for Lent, as I reminded myself on Easter morning. My inner-puppy was sitting up on his hind legs, tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth, eagerly panting, “Jim Beam? Can we have some Jim Beam?” Poor thing was eagerly wagging his tail and everything. I still told him, no.

I decided bourbon comes with too much baggage. I had a bagel instead.

I took Friday off, so we indulged in the Good Friday eating of the Thai food. It doesn’t really connect to the Easter holiday per se, but I think Pad Thai goes with any season, don’t you?

On Sunday we had some Easter Sushi. More specifically, it was Easter. And we ate sushi. Again, not really a holiday tie-in there, but I do love me some sushi.

Sometimes a good 3 day weekend will actually make me glad that it is time to go back to work.

This would not be one of those times.

Ugh–I have to go back to work today. I’ll have to talk to people and do stuff and things like that. Why didn’t I win the Mega Millions?

I didn’t win the Mega Millions because I did not even buy a ticket. Florida–home of serial killers and all manner of sin, does not participate. Of course, since I live in North Florida, Georgia is a hop, skip and a jump away (“I can see Georgia from my house!”) and the peach state does participate in the Mega Millions. Sure, if I had made any effort, I could have bought a ticket. But to what end? I wouldn’t have won. Not being negative, just realistic.

Speaking of which, what is with that woman in Baltimore? Have you heard about this lady who works at McDonalds? She said she had the winning ticket. Then her co-workers said if she did have a winning ticket it was purchased as part of their office pool and they should all share in the winnings. Then this lady says, no, this was a ticket she bought separately.Next, she was claiming she had hidden the ticket “somewhere inside” the McDonalds where they all work.

Who does she think she is, flippin’ Willie Wonka? Do you have the Golden Ticket or don’t you, lady? There is a term for people who go on TV telling stories they can’t back up–that term is “attention whore.” Also, you’re most likely a liar.

Since I did not win the Mega Millions, I am reduced to going to work like a common non-lottery winner. Of course, I am pleased to be employed, so don’t anyone feel too sorry for me.

My cat is wrestling with the webcam cord behind the monitor, so I am typing in the midst of a cat-quake. This has all the earmarks of a pet created disaster.

Now my dog has moseyed in wanting something. “Jim Beam?” I’d give her a bagel but I ate the last one.

I should pull my little act together and take on the road–the road to work that is. The week is beginning to unfurl and I need to scuttle along.

Happy Monday

3 Responses to “Another Random Monday”

  1. Pamela N Red April 9, 2012 at 9:33 am #

    I don’t buy lottery tickets either, I also don’t gamble and you can’t throw a rock without hitting a casino. Well I could because I throw like a girl.

    I would rather buy a pair of shoes at least I will still have shoes to show for my money instead of a worthless piece of paper.

  2. Mary Atwood April 9, 2012 at 1:32 pm #

    I think it is odd that we don’t participate in the Mega Millions. I have a “Best Bet” right down the street from my house (and it does a good business at the oddest of hours) but I have to drive to Georgia to play the Mega Millions if I were so inclined? Makes no sense to me.

  3. Jane from SW Ohio April 9, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

    No winner in this household, my husband just retired a little over a week ago and winning would have be great, but we really knew ahead of time that the chances were so very slim. We, of course did not win, but we will carry on as a retired couple.

    I love reading your blogs, are they your stream of conciousness (sp)? written before going to work? I have loved reading them and while on MS I started writting due to you and a few others. I still have many more or your blogs to read and you will bring me a smile each time I read them. Have a great week and looking forward to more of what you share!!!

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