Pre-dawn ramblings

2 Apr

It is Monday morning and the rosy fingered dawn is…Heck if I know. It’s still dark where I live.

Dog walked. Cats and dog fed. Coffee brewed and in my cup. Must be time to type on this new-fangled typewriter-television combo device.

I really enjoyed my weekend, but don’t press me for details. It is all kind of fuzzy right now. The rosy fingered dawn in my brain hasn’t transpired yet either. Still pretty dark up there. Thoughts all stumbling around, bumping into each other…

On Friday, I had lunch with a friend I have not seen in decades. We grew up together in the same church. It was one of those churches where you handle poisonous snakes and…

Wait a minute. That might not have been the church I grew up in. That might have been something I saw in a  movie. Rewind.

OK–so there were no snakes. But my friend and I did go to the same church during our formative years. We were active in the youth group together and were good friends during our high school and college years.

My friend–we’ll call her “Linda”, for that is the name her mother and father gave her when she was born–was in town visiting her parents. Like most sentient beings on the planet, Linda and I had reconnected on Facebook a few years ago. Linda sent me one of those fancy “electronic mail” communications suggesting we get together for lunch, and so we did.

Linda and I met at the Skyway station near my office. When Linda and I were teenagers together at the same time, I always imagined that in the future, there would be a monorail to provide transportation in our fair city–and low and behold, there is!

Of course I also imagined that in the future, when I was “older”, I would be 6’2″ and terribly rich and famous. Why, at the age of 17, standing 5’8″, I still held out hope that I was going to suddenly grow several more inches, I do not know.

But it is the lack of fame and fortune, far more than the lack of height, I most regret.

So, Linda and I rendezvoused at the Skyway station. We hugged and from that moment on, it was almost as if we just picked up where we left off. Truly decades have passed since last we sat down together and just talked, but talk we did. And we laughed. And we talked. And we laughed.

Talking and laughing–a winning combo.

We ate at one of my favorite restaurants in town–Cafe Nola, which is attached to an art museum downtown. I am sure we annoyed the waiter to no end because we were so busy talking, we could hardly be bothered to read the menu and order.

It was the most fun I have had at lunch since…I don’t remember. Might have been the most fun I’ve had at lunch ever!

Nothing like a great Friday to get the weekend off to a fine start. After lunch some stuff occurred at work, and I am sure I handled it in my usual highly professional fashion, but really, who remembers?

Saturday was gloomy and rainy all day. I was cool with that. I drove instead of cycling. I got my haircut by a friend I have known for something like two decades. (See, kids, you get old enough, you start measuring your friendships in units of 10. Fun!)

My long time bachelor friend/partner/significant other and I went out for sushi at our favorite Japanese restaurant.  When we got back home, I read and did laundry.

Sunday, the weather was sunny and gorgeous, so I rode my bike to Starbucks where I wrote all about the weekend up to that point in my journal.

Other stuff happened too–mostly partner and dog quality time. It was nice. Yesterday, as we were doing dishes after lunch, my significant other shouted–“Oh my God! A snake just slithered under the front door!”

I would like to tell you that I reached for the machete, which I always keep to hand for just such an emergency, and calmly said, “Where did it go?”

But that is not what happened.

What happened was, I actually levitated–a talent I didn’t even know I had–and squealed very much like a small girl child.

I guess those years of handling snakes at the church where Linda and I grew up did nothing to foster–wait–that’s right, we’ve established that I never attended a snake handling church. Sorry. Rewind again.

The sharpest among you know what was going on. My significant other smiled big and said, “April Fools!”

I have to say, in 33 years, this is the first time he has tried an Aprils Fools trick on me. I also want to say, I was fully aware that Sunday was April Fools Day, but honestly, my significant other never seems to know what day it is. And if it is a holiday of some sort, he always pleads ignorance: “Christmas? What’s that?” etc.

“You remembered April Fools Day?!” I shouted. “This holiday you remembered?! Valentine’s Day you can’t be bothered with, but April Fools Day–really?!” And then I said, “This is going in the blog!”

And so that brings us to Monday.

Still no rosy fingered dawn out there–but that is for the best. I am trying to get an even earlier start than usual as I am on an emergency quest to lose weight. Trying to make time for cycling to work and then working out at the gym.

I have to be thin by June 29th. I’ll tell you more about that in the days and weeks ahead, but right now, I have to get myself to the headquarters of the kind people who employ me–hit the gym and then get to work.

By then the rosy fingered dawn is sure to have done her rosy fingered thing.

Happy Monday

2 Responses to “Pre-dawn ramblings”

  1. Pamela N Red April 2, 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    I’m glad there wasn’t a real snake. Getting with old friends is always fun.

  2. Mary Atwood April 2, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

    Measuring time in decades – yeah, that is a lot of fun.

    And admit it – you (and I) would love to visit one of those snake handling churches at some point. (Note to self – add that to the bucket list.)

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