The Final Meltdown

29 Mar

You may have noticed, there is a lot of madness making headlines lately. I’m not talking about Linsanity or the Republican primaries. I’m talking about people totally losing their sh*t in public and then  getting themselves splashed all over the headlines.

First there was Jason Russell, the maker of the controversial Invisible Children video and head of the KONY 2012 cmpaign. His video went viral and he was all the rage for a little while. Then questions began to surface about the veracity of his video and the way his charity spends its money.

Next thing you know, Jason Russell is prancing up and down a public sidewalk in broad daylight, naked as the day he was born, ranting away about Satan, waving his arms, doing manic squatting exercises.

Being the era in which we live, someone got a video of this whole escapade and now that video went viral. Jason’s family swears drugs and alcohol were not involved. He was just exhausted and dehydrated and bummed out over the negative press he and his organization have been receiving. What he has is called “reactive psychosis” which is apparently caused when people say upsetting things about you, you don’t get enough rest and you don’t drink enough water.

All the more reason to hydrate, I’d say.

I also have to say, other than looking like a total loon in the video, Mr. Russell doesn’t look half bad naked. I am not sure all of us could say that, so drink your water, folks.

Now, this week. we have the Jet Blue pilot who came unhinged while he was in the cockpit of a plane flying from New York to Las Vegas. Shortly after take off Capt. Clayon Osbon began turning off the radios and dimming the lights on the monitor. He started babbling things like, “We need to take a leap of faith” and “We’re not going to Vegas” and then began giving some sort of sermon. He reportedly talked about things like, “completely related numbers” and “the sins in Las Vegas” and fortunately left the cockpit.

Once the Capt. was in the cabin area he ranted something about “150 souls onboard.”

I don’t know about you, but when I am in mid-flight on an aircraft, there is nothing that can get me freaked out faster than being referred to as “a soul”. I pretty much expect the ticket I purchased to get my whole body, as well as my soul, to my destination. Discussing just my soul at that juncture is, to say the least, unsettling.

I also don’t want to hear a member of the flight crew say things like, “You’d better start praying right now!” like this Jet Blue Captain did. Then he started saying there was a bomb on the plane. This would be the point where, if I ever was going to lose it totally, I would strip off all of my clothes and begin to prance up and down the aisle ranting about Satan.  Counter productive to the situation, I know, but a person can only take so much. Not to mention, it is hard to stay properly hydrated on an airplane. Have you seen the tiny bottles of water they serve on these  flights? Unconscionable!

Of course, passengers on the Jet Blue flight video taped the melee. Fortunately, the Captain was subdued and is now in FBI custody. Everyone on the flight has a heck of a story to tell their grandchildren and most of them have video of the event to boot.

I can’t help but wonder, is this a trend? Are people now more inclined than ever to have spectacularly public meltdowns? Or is it just that if you do lose your s*it in public, you are about 99% guaranteed that someone is going to make a video recording of you at your most insane and then post the video on the world wide web for all to see?

Since I am one of those people who, most of the time, keeps my feelings bottled up, I am wondering if people like me are a little more inclined to these public freak outs than the folks who have no problem just flying off the handle whenever they get upset.

Gosh, I hope not. A person could wind up unemployed for life after one of those episodes.

You think anyone is going to trust Jason Russell to run a charity ever again?

I don’t like to make snap judgements, but I’d say the odds of Capt. Osbon ever being allowed to fly a plane again are slim to none.

And while we’re on the subject, wasn’t that Steven Slater a flight attendant on Jet Blue? You know, the one who lost it and started cursing at the passengers and then exited via the emergency chute? You think anyone is going to hire him again?

I am also thinking Jet Blue needs to beef up their EAP pronto.

Maybe it is not best to just keep it inside and learn how to hide your feelings. I believe it was Mellisa Manchester who said that. You never see her coming unhinged on video, so she must know what she’s talking about.

I bet she hydrates like crazy too.

Happy Thursday

2 Responses to “The Final Meltdown”

  1. Mike March 29, 2012 at 7:01 pm #

    I had to laugh at this. Wonderful post that unfortunately brings to light the simple fact that either more and more people are slipping into the deep end or it’s just now we pay them notice. Several years ago a well-known doctor showed up at an event – dressed like a chicken in tights. And it was NOT a costume event.

    That sure made the papers and while he was immediately let go from hospital privileges, it wasn’t long before he quietly opened another practice.

    Suffice it to say I will not be running the streets naked, nor shouting and praying on a plane. I think I’ll go have another glass of water.

  2. Pamela N Red March 30, 2012 at 8:51 am #

    I thought it was just Okies. We’ve had a rash of men going nuts here and stripping off their clothes in public. Just last night there was a man on the news ranting in his underwear in his front yard. Maybe people are just hot, this global warming thing has the weather messed up.

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