A Writer writes…sometimes

15 Mar

Sometimes people read my blogs and they say, “What, were you just typing in your sleep?”

I reply, “Could be. I spell better when I am slumbering.”

I may be typing in my sleep this morning. When you write a stream of consciousness blog first thing in the morning, you find yourself writing about sleep and about being sleepy quite often. I am guzzling coffee as fast as I can, but it isn’t a miracle elixir, and I am still pretty blurry eyed.

Whose idea was this Morning Pages thing anyway? Oh, mine? Very well. Carry on…

I went to an art show opening last night. Really great work there. My friend is an artist, so she has been introducing me to other artists she knows. Last night she introduced me to a very talented painter. At one point the painter asked me, “Are you an artist?” “No,” I replied. My friend interjected, “Bill is a writer.”

This would be the first time in my life I have ever been introduced to someone in a social setting as “a writer.” “Well, that’s not my day job,” I stammered. “Don’t let him fool you,” my friend said, “He is a wonderful writer.”

And that would be just one of many reasons I love my friend.

I had just been marveling at a damn fine landscape this artist had painted and for my friend to say, “Bill is a writer” in a way that implied ‘Bill is a writer the way you are an artist,’ was pretty mind boggling. I don’t mind being boggled sometimes.

Hey, guess what, y’all–I’m a writer–no, make that a Writer.

Even if it still isn’t my day job.

When I first started blogging, I was on Myspace. I entered into blogging tentatively and found some nice people who encouraged me to write some more. So I did. Frankly, it was a lot easier blogging on Myspace because very few people knew who I was. I had a few real life friends who knew me, but most of the folks who read what I wrote didn’t know anything more about me than I was willing to reveal on my Myspace profile and the blog itself.

It was easier to write when no one knew who I was. Now I link my blog to my Facebook page and all sorts of people who know my name and all sorts of other stuff about me have access to what I write.

The internal editor is what holds a lot of writers back. The internal editor loves to say, “You can’t write that! So and so will read it!” That internal editor quickly turns into the internal critic–“NO one will want to read this anyway!”

What a bitch!

Left unchecked, the internal editor/critic just lets loose and turns into Piper Laurie as the mother in “Carrie”: “They’re all going to laugh at you!”

If that doesn’t derail you, then she throws in, “I can see your dirty pillows. Everyone will!”

So, at some point you have to get over worrying about who might read what you write and how they might react to it. Let your ‘dirty pillows’ hangout, as it were. Sometimes it pays to listen to the internal editor, but when it devolves into a crazy bitch, it is time to tell the critic to STFU.

Oh my. I apologize to anyone who is offended by the acronym STFU.

Um, the F stands for Fudge–no, really!

Aw, screw it. You know what the F stands for. Deal with it.

I’m a Writer, dammit!

Happy Thursday

One Response to “A Writer writes…sometimes”

  1. Lois Hoffman March 15, 2012 at 7:30 am #

    You ARE a writer. I just read it. Here’s to stream of consciousness!

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