The Weirdness of the Week So Far…

29 Jun

This has been a funny week in Jacksonville. Not “Ha ha” funny–just funny.

Monday, things got off to a strange start when local news outlets reported that two streets were closed because someone had left a television in the middle of the street.

My first thought was, will someone please just move the TV so normal traffic patterns can resume? But life is never that simple. Not only had someone left a TV in the middle of the street, “someone” had also spray painted a message on the television which read:

“You will die watching television.”

Also, there was duct tape attached to the TV and there were wires hanging out of it. Nothing is quite as scary as duct tape + wires.

So, the bomb squad was called in.

The time frame surrounding this little imbroglio is a little vague. The bomb squad was called in at 6am. Not sure when the suspect television with the frightening message and scary duct tape + wires was actually discovered. Did some neighbors–someone walking his dog, a jogger or two perhaps, happen upon the TV in the middle of the road and determine the best course of action was to dial 911?

The news reports don’t say. Mostly, I just wanted to use the word imbroglio in a sentence. I am pretty sure that was the first time I have ever used that word ever. Isn’t it interesting the way a word can slip into your vocabulary, nestle itself there in your brain along with the words you use all the time ( like “actually” and “convoluted”)–just lying in wait for the right moment to drop itself into a sentence. Words are stealthy that way.

Rather like people who leave scary televisions in the middle of the street in the wee hours of the morning.

Obviously, there was nothing else to be done. The bomb squad called in their special robot and blew up the television. I bet that robot is expensive–robots don’t come cheap. If I was on the bomb squad, I’d find any excuse to use the special blowing things up robot.

Good way to end an imbroglio, if you ask me.

As a spokesman for the sheriff’s department said, “In today’s society, with the way things are, we don’t take any chances.”

Leaving a TV in the middle of the street is a violation of some law or another, but at present there are no suspects. I say, trace the duct tape!

The police had the streets open by 8am. But the strangeness of the day wasn’t over.

Later in the day, local news outlets were advising everyone that a major bridge in town was closed “due to police activity.”

Sounds like another imbroglio going down.

Turns out there was a man threatening to jump off of the bridge. The sheriff’s department called in an armored vehicle and the SWAT team. I don’t think the man was armed but, hey, they have an armored vehicle and a bunch of SWAT team guys just sitting around waiting for some reason to mobilize, and I guess the potential bridge jumper was as good a reason as any to muster their forces.

Eventually, they talked the guy down. Bridge reopened. Imbroglio cleared.

Life back to normal. Not so fast…

Next news flash of the day–one of the floors of one of the high rises on the south bank (a building I can see quite well from my office window) was being evacuated because of a “mysterious substance.”  That was the initial report. Soon we learned that Senator Bill Nelson’s Jacksonville office, housed in the high rise in question, had received a threatening letter which included “a white powder.”

I don’t know if the bomb squad robot of the SWAT team were called in on this one. Most likely not their purview per se.

The white powder turned out to be corn starch.

As if Monday wasn’t weird enough, on Tuesday, Senator Mario Rubio’s Jacksonville office received a threatening letter and some “white powder.”

This white powder turned out to be harmless according to the latest news reports.

Wednesday is still young. No imbroglios to report locally so far. But like I said, the day is young. And the week is weird.

I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Wednesday.


One Response to “The Weirdness of the Week So Far…”

  1. Pamela N Red June 29, 2011 at 10:41 am #

    Wow, that’s pretty exciting.

    The white powder usage is so blase. I thought criminals would have moved on to something else by now. Why not a fungus?

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