My stupid, stupid mind

13 Jun

Over the weekend I watched one of my favorite movies, Tim Burton’s biography of iconically bad director Ed Wood. In Ed’s most famous movie, Plan 9 Form Outer Space, an alien admonishes his Earthling adversaries with the taunt, “You minds! Your stupid, stupid minds!”

I am a bit peeved at my own stupid, stupid, mind this morning. That baby would not shut down. I woke up at 1am and took a sleeping pill. From that moment on it was “Katie bar the door!” in my head. Endless loops of nonsense, possibly dreams, but certainly noise, so that I had the impression upon awakening to the sceams of the alarm, that I had actually been awake all night.

Bitch, it is Monday! I want to yell at my stupid, stupid, mind. Don’t do that sh*t to me the night before a Monday!

For a while there in the not so distant past, I was having dreams involving lawn mowers. Fortunately, I got around to mowing the grass on Saturday, so at least I wasn’t doing yard work in my sleep. Just office work.

I guess I was so excited about going back to work today, I couldn’t wait to get cracking and so I worked in my sleep.

Yeah, that’s it…

I had a good weekend at least. I am sitting here typing, thinking my significant other bought a new key board when I wasn’t looking. Because I swear the old keyboard, which I was using as recently as yesterday, did not light up and this one has illuminated keys. I stop typing and the light fades,  but as soon as I hit a key, all is illuminated. Uh huh. He went to Staples yesterday afternoon without me. I didn’t want to go because I was quite comfortable staying put in the house.  He has been eying that keyboard every time we went to Staples together. (Which is more often than normal people go to a store like that, but it is close to home and we both kind of get a charge out of office supplies, so we’re there a lot.) “When that goes on sale, it will be mine!” he has been declaring for some time now.

Apparently he bought it yesterday and installed it last night while I was sleeping (or whatever the heck it was I was doing when I should have been asleep.) That son of a gun. He is such a sucker for things that light up. He is literally distracted by shiny objects.

We watched another excellent old fav movie over the weekend–The Heartbreak Kid. This is the original from the 70’s with Charles Grodin and Cybil Shepherd and not the remake with Ben Stiller. (I haven’t seen that one–I tend to shy away from remakes.)

Pain is often the basis for comedy and The Heartbreak Kid has to be one of the most painful comedies ever. Charles Grodin marries Jeannie Berlin, a sweet but annoying woman. They drive from New York to Miami for their honeymoon. The new bride gets terribly sunburned on their first day in Florida. While she is laid up in the hotel room, Charles Grodin meets Cybil Shepherd, a beautiful spoiled rich girl, who is on vacation with her parents. It becomes quickly evident to Charles Grodin that he must divorce his wife and marry Cybil Shepherd. The scene where he makes his intentions known to her father, Eddie Albert, is just brilliant. The scenes in which he lies to his wife about where he has been and then the scene where he tells his wife she has her whole life ahead of her and she deserves so much better than him, are excruciating, but so funny.

One of the reason I don’t like remakes is the original still stands up so well. The original is available of DVD, so why does someone have to try to remake it, as if from scratch, as if someone left the last surviving print of the movie out in the rain and we’ll never have the recipe again?

I may have mixed up a song in all that, but hopefully I made my point. Remakes are rarely worth the effort it took to make them. Remakes and sequels might seem like surefire box office gold to those greedy bastards in Hollywood, but I’d almost always prefer the original. If the movie was good enough to be ripped off, odds are the original is good enough to be viewed again. And again.

I think my brain was doing some of that when I was asleep. “Here–look at this loop of nonsense. Now, view it again! And again!”

Stupid mind. Stupid, stupid mind!

Happy Monday!

One Response to “My stupid, stupid mind”

  1. Pamela N Red June 13, 2011 at 9:01 am #

    I often write articles in my sleep. Oddly enough they never make as much sense the next morning as they did in my dreams the wee hours of the morning.

    I had to completely decaffeinate myself. At first I just cut down and had nothing after lunch time, then I went to nothing after breakfast. Now I only drink decaf tea and watch my chocolate intake. It helped a lot. Some of us can’t take the stimuli after we get older, sigh, another lovely thing to deal with.

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