Original Friday

13 May

Today’s mantra:  Original

Today’s Save the Word word of the day :Keleusmatically– in a demanding matter

Today’s mantra is Original. Well, that’s different.

Original as a mantra for the day brings to mind the concept of thinking outside of the box. Doing things in a new way. Approaching the day’s routine with a unique and fresh perspective.

Being a person who sometimes clings to routine and being someone who enjoys a good rut (“Yes, I’ve seen this well worn groove before. I think I’ll slip right back into it…”) this is a challenge for me personally. Plus, it is a work day. Originality is for weekends and holidays–who can be original on a work day?

I can certainly make an effort to be as original as possible today. I must have randomly selected original as my mantra for some reason, right?

Original also reminds me of original sin. Those were the days, eh? When sin was fresh and original. In this modern world, there are no new sins left to commit. At least, I don’t think there are. Again, being a person who enjoys a good rut, I tend to stick to the tried and true, familiar sins and not venture outside of my sin comfort zone. Gluttony is an old friend–we go way back.  Avarice, not so much. Sloth? I am on it, baby! Pride? Meh…

The Save the Words word of the day is keleusmatically, which means in a demanding matter.

When I first saw this word, I was reminded of Kelis. You know, the singer who gave us the seminal classic Milkshake? In case you haven’t heard it, I will summarize: This girl has this milkshake–not sure if she bought it at Sonic or somewhere or made it herself, and as a result, all the boys want to come to her yard. She feels strongly that her milkshake is “better than yours”–so maybe she did make it herself.  She could teach you how to make a milkshake, but she would have to assess a fee if she did.

That’s all I remember right now. Seems those boys are keleusmatically asking for some of that milkshake, doesn’t it?I could be wrong, but I am thinking there could be some sin all mixed up in that milkshake. Maybe that’s the secret ingredient that makes it better than yours.

In summary, today is a good day to approach things in an original way. If you have to ask keleusmatically for some originality, then so be it.

And have a milkshake while you’re at it.

Damn right.

Happy Friday.

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