The Easter Possum

25 Apr

Another week and then yet another month of this rapidly moving year will be history. I am taking the day off in order to extend my weekend, which is why I am blogging a little later in the morning than usual.

For my household, 2011 will be remembered as the year of the Easter Possum.

Saturday evening my significant other was in the bathroom when he saw a small creature heading toward him. His first thought was that it must be a mouse or rat–and a very bold one at that. Then it got a little closer, stopped and checked him out, then turned and ran out the door, under a small table that was right outside the door.

“Come here quick! There’s a possum in here!” he cried. Well, of course there’s a possum in there, I thought. It is Easter after all. No, wait–bunnies are appropriate for Easter; possums are, well, appropriate never, really.

I grabbed a cat carrier and joined my long time companion as we both stood staring at the table under which, I had been promised, was a baby possum. Having had a recent run in with a very sharp toothed cat (in an incident that involved this very same cat carrier) I was feeling particularly wary of sharp possum teeth, no matter how small they may be.

My significant other lifted the table and, sure enough, there was a little furry creature. Soon the little varmit was in the cat carrier.

You can imagine there was much speculation on our part as to how a baby possum got into our house. Where there’s a baby possum, there’s also, most likely, a mother possum and maybe even other siblings. Could the mother have built a nest in our attic? Did the baby somehow fall between a wall, find an exit…?

Mostly I didn’t want to go into my kitchen and find a 20 pound mother possum lumbering around. I have encountered full grown possums on occasion and they kind of creep me out.

We’ll probably never know how the baby possum got into the house. Sure, it would be nice to know. If a baby possum can get in, are skunks and raccoons soon to follow? I’ll cross that critter bridge when I get to it.

Since there was no way to know how to reunite the little beast with his/her mother, I ran to the internet and looked for animal rescue organizations in my area. Eureka. I quickly found a listing for the Wildlife Rescue Coalition on Northeast Florida. They were closed for the day, but they had a 24 hour hotline. We soon learned that they would be open on Easter and the nice lady on the other end of the line said she thought the young possum would be OK until we could bring it out to her.

And so, on Sunday, we transported the little possum to the other side of town. Kim, the lady at the Wildlife Coalition, checked and determined that our new little friend was a she-possum. She said they had about 40 other possums right now (due to liability concerns, Kim is not permitted to provide a tour) and when the baby is big  enough, they will take her to a large plot of land they own near Lake City where she will be set free to pursue a life of possum fulfillment.

Here is a picture of the possum that came for Easter:

I am glad we could find her a good home. It was interesting to encounter the little possum inside my own house. Still, next year for Easter, I’d rather have a bunny.

Happy Monday

One Response to “The Easter Possum”

  1. Fred Lehman April 25, 2011 at 9:40 am #

    Living, as we do, on the edge of town we have encountered all manner of creatures. Yep, what you had was a baby opossum. You note I don’t use the common spelling. When I was in school the spelling was a source of amusement for years. Try looking it up in the dictionary sometime. We spent ages until it was passed on to us the ‘possum begins with the letter o. 🙂

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