Sleep is a many splendored thing

14 Apr

I love the way people in mattress and sleeping pill commercials always wake up with a smile on their face. If they show a woman she always wakes up with her makeup perfectly in place as well. In these commercials, both the men and women have perfectly coiffed hair–for smiling and looking great are (if we believe these commercials) a bi-product of a good night’s sleep.

I had the best night’s sleep last night I have had since I don’t know when. For the first time, in a long time, my head hit the pillow and I was out like a light, dead to the world, zonked out–and  I didn’t wake up once until the alarm went off. This just never happens to me. True, I can usually drift off to sleep easily enough, but I always wake up at least once during the night. Sometimes I wake up and I don’t get back to sleep at all.

I do hope this is a new trend. I know alcohol messes with your sleep cycle, so maybe this not drinking thing is paying me some sleep dividends.

Oh, baby–I got circadian rhythm! At last!

Of course, the real test is how am I going to feel today? Because, unlike the people in the commercials I referenced earlier, I did not sit up in bed, smile and stretch when the alarm went off. I flailed like an insane octopus in an effort to smack the snooze alarm into submission. Then I attempted to slip back into the loving arms of sleep, if only for 10 minutes.

After I finally stumbled out of bed, got the coffee started and fed the cats, I crawled right back into bed for another little snooze. When the alarm went off again, I still wasn’t smiling. And by the way, my hair looks like crap.

Those commercials lie.

Hopefully, as the day progresses, I will reap the benefits of a solid night’s sleep. Will I be perkier than usual at the office?

Speaking of commercials, maybe I’ll be like that guy in the erectile dysfunctional pill commercial who has everyone wondering why he looks so spry all of a sudden. (New hair cut? Has he lost weight? What is his secret?) Let em wonder. I don’t care. I’m too happy about getting a full night’s sleep to care if my co-workers suspect I am sporting a permanent erection as I go through the motions of my work day.

It is interesting to note that science is still not completely sure what sleep is or why we do it. They just know that almost all animals require sleep.

I’m pretty sure cats and dogs sleep so much because they don’t read, watch TV or read books. Or have jobs. What do they need to stay awake for? You and me, we have better things to do with our time than sleep 18 hours a day. Although, right now, that does sound delicious.

Happy Thursday




One Response to “Sleep is a many splendored thing”

  1. That Weather Girl April 15, 2011 at 1:26 am #

    Funny that I am reading this at 1:30 in the morning – because I am having trouble sleeping!

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