Playing tricks on myself

8 Apr

My bedside clock tends to gain time. It has a battery backup and when it gets unplugged, or there if is a power failure, when it regains power it adds about 5 minutes to the time. Eventually the clock can be as much as 20 minutes fast. For reasons known only to the deepest recesses of my own brain, rather than reset the clock, I just work with it and adjust the alarm setting based on what I know to be erroneous time. So, this morning when the alarm went off, I assured myself that the clock was fast, so I happily slapped the snooze button and caught some more zzz’s. I did that little maneuver at least twice. Once I finally got up, I remembered–I reset the clock last night. It was pretty much correct.

So now I am running late.

Oh, the tricks we play on ourselves!

I play tricks on myself all the time.

One of the games we like to play is “hide the keys.” I think most people play this one from time to time–misplacing the house/car keys. I put a little twist on the game because I nearly always hide the keys in plain sight, and then I always find them someplace where I’ve already looked. I do this with my wallet sometimes too.

Fun! The joker in me laughs and laughs at my hapless self.

Sometimes I like to trick myself into believing little facts that turn out to be untrue. “Today is Wednesday,” for example. I ‘ll tell myself that little nugget off and on all day long on a Tuesday and then ZAP! make myself realize I have been confused all day.

Oh, the fun I have with myself sometimes.

Oh, the humanity.

Another fun trick I play on myself is convincing myself that there is something I need to worry about that up until only moments before, was not a concern at all.

“Did you lock the door? I bet you didn’t lock the door…”

“Look at that mole on your wrist. I bet that’s skin cancer. Final stages too..”

Soon enough, of course, I return home to find the door securely locked and, by now, I’ve dislodged the speck of dirt that was on my wrist…but that doesn’t keep me from “fooling” myself again in the near future.


(Rot Florida Mao?! Sounds like the name of a punk band…)

When will  I ever learn? I am not sure. How can I overcome the shenanigans of a jokester who knows me so well?

Then there are the times I hide information from myself by “forgetting” something until the last minute. I think I do that one because the sickening feeling that comes from the “OMG!” feeling that hits when the fog of forgetfulness suddenly lifts and I am blinded by the sun of recovered memory is kind of a rush.

I could smack myself when I do that to me. Frankly, I’d beat my own ass for that one if I could.

Are these “jokes” self destructive behavior or just human nature? Lack of mindfulness or psychotic episodes?

Or do I just enjoy a good laugh at my own expense?

Whatever it is, the joke is most definitely on me.

Happy Friday!

(Oh, yeah–I know for a fact it is Friday. You don’t think I checked?! Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…)

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