Watching for tornadoes

5 Apr

Apparently we’re under a tornado watch as I rise and shine stumble about the house. Morning seems to come so much earlier some days. I haven’t done this in a while, but I am taking a whack at another round of morning pages–20 minutes of steam of consciousness writing first thing in the AM. I originally planned to begin on April 1st, but I was just fooling myself. Better late than never.

This coincides with another personal initiative of mine, which is that I am giving up booze, hooch, the sauce, liquor, potent potables, cocktails, hard stuff, spirits, adult beverages and all other forms of alcohol for 30 days. I am doing this for a couple of reasons. Mainly, to see if it helps me kick start an ongoing effort to lose weight. I tried this a couple of years ago and it worked wonders. Alcohol is so clear–how can it be fattening?!

I also want to take some time to explore my relationship with alcohol.  Oh, sure—we’ve had some fun together. Alcohol has made me laugh, as well as cry and, on occasion, puke my guts out. (Good times…) A trial separation seems like a good time to ponder the nature of that relationship–how we got here and where we’re going.

I think Homer Simpson said it best:



I am also looking to write more. See–I am writing right now! I guess this is all one of those values clarification exercises. I hate values clarification exercises. Ever done one of those? You sit down and list things that matter to you most—what you truly care about and want most in this world. You often find you’ve listed things that you don’t ever do or consciously think about. So, how f*cked up is that? This is something that matters a whole bunch, but you’re not doing it.  Now–rearrange your life and get crackin!  Who needs the extra pressure? A life built on procrastination and denial is still a life, right?

But seriously…more writing. Starting with the morning pages. I also have some actual, you know, ideas about things I’d like to write that I may actually, you know, edit. For some crazy reason, when I was contemplating why I don’t write more, I decided the solution was to give myself more to write. So, I am going to start a second blog.

Because the world doesn’t have enough blogs…

I recently wrote about keeping a journal and what happens to those journals after you die. This sort of spurred me on to write more about (for lack of a better word) journaling (that seems like such a pretentious word but it is easier than saying “journal writing”) and specifically my own journals. Terrible as they are, they are my magnum opus. When I am not writing, I am writing in my journal. I figure with more than 30 years of material to work with, I must be able to find something of interest. So, I am going to be starting a separate journal related blog. That’s another of my “oh my God we’re 6 months (now 4 months–I’ve been thinking about this for a while) from my birthday!” initiatives.

And I entered a photo in an art show. That was a big step. I have my artist friend, Mary to thank  for that. She is really pushing me on the photography front.

I’ll let you know how all of that works out.

Happy Tuesday. Watch out for tornadoes.

2 Responses to “Watching for tornadoes”

  1. Jane from SW Ohio April 5, 2011 at 7:54 am #

    I do enjoy reading your 20 minutes of steam of consciousness writing blogs and happy you are writing them again. I thought that it would be a great if wine could be considered a fruit serving but sadly it does not work that way and those calories do add up:/

    My jounaling has always been sporatic since I started writing in the past 5 yrs and do wonder what will happen to them when I am not around anymore. Some of the writing would be venting and would not want family to read them and take offense to the words/thought/feelings which will change after written, at some point.

    Riding your bike while a tornado watch has been posted reminds me of “The Wizard of Oz” movie and how much my 7year old granddaughter enjoyed watching it with me:) That line of storm passed through here yesterday but we were fortunate not to have severe storms.

    Mary was so right to encourage you to enter your photograpy in an art show! I have always enjoyed your creativity in you photos you shared while on MS. What a great idea to share your talents so others can also enjoy your photography:)

    Ha Ha…this is the most I’ve written since MS days and almost like a “stream of conciousness” for me.

  2. Fred April 5, 2011 at 7:55 am #

    Good luck on your photo entry and all the other things as well, and don’t tell my doctor about liquor being fattening. I got so many other reasons for getting on the hooch that I don’t need another one. I’m down to a size 10. Everyone wants me to gain weight but I feel fine just the way I am, so why should I bother trying to gain weight and there are so many other things I’d like to spend my money on anyway. 🙂

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