January is dead and gone

31 Jan

Somehow I have stumbled across the information that today is the birthday of both Justin Timberlake and Norman Mailer. Not certain what to do with this fun fact, but there it is.

Justin, by the way, turns 30 today. Manhood at last.

Today is the last day of January. Let’s all panic. Look how quickly the year is slipping away Slip sliding away, as Paul Simon might say.If January is over, then it is nearly spring. If it is nearly spring, then it might as well be summer. Once summer is here, Labor Day is just a blink away. Labor Day leads to Halloween which all too soon brings the return of Christmas and, oh my God–it’s 2012 already. What goes around…

The world has been better months.

One of the worst things about January coming to an end is that everyone who made a New Year’s resolution that they have had difficulty keeping will now throw up their collective hands and (if they haven’t already) officially give up for sure–all the while reaching for that pack of cigarettes, cream pie or crack pipe (and in the final analysis, aren’t they all really just the same thing?)

“That resolution is toast!”

Not me. Despite the lie printed on my resume and bantered about freely at job interviews–on the contrary, I am not a quick learner. I am a slow learner–a slow learner and proud of it. Once I resolve to do something, I have to ease into it. I can’t put it all in place on New Year’s Day (it is a holiday…) and run with it. I have to figure it out, work with it, etc. And if that means I reach January 31, imperfect, not quite on task with my resolutions, well, cry me a river. The executioner’s song hasn’t played yet. The month made be over, but I’m not.

One of my resolutions was to write more. Well, here we are. A return to blogging. Blogging doesn’t solve everything, but it helps.

When I decided to blog again, I decided to open with a month of Morning Pages. This would be the last day of the month. Now I am going to take a break from Morning Pages but not from blogging. I’ll be posting as often as possible, I just plan to post things that I might have actually spent more than 20 minutes writing, perhaps with a little editing thrown in for good measure.

Blogging may be little more than advertisements for myself. Well, I feel justified. Everyone can blog until the end of time if he/she wants to.

Now we’re slipping into February, a month distinguished by a day devoted to annoying single people, involving flowers and candy (no wonder people can’t keep their resolutions with all that Russel Stover and Whitman’s changing hands!)

Valentine’s Day may be annoying to single people but it is tough on those in long term relationships as well. There, in the dead of winter, still torpid from the holidays and cold thanks to the crappy weather, a day on the calendar makes a couple feel compelled to  bring sexy back at a time when, frankly, curling up with a good book or spending their ancients evenings just watching TV seems sufficient.

Not that I’m cynical.

As disconcerting as the all too quick passage of time might be, it is good to know that March is lurking just around the corner. And it is never too late to resolve to do better at whatever…

Happy Birthday, Justin and Norman.

Happy Monday one and all.

One Response to “January is dead and gone”

  1. That Weather Girl February 2, 2011 at 1:14 pm #

    So glad you are blogging again! Wish I could find the time to join you.

    On another note …. Valentine’s Day. Hasn’t mattered to me since 2007.

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