Dreaming is free (or is it?)

12 Jan

Good morning from the only state in the union that does not currently have snow. I just read this fun fact (yes, even Hawaii has snow– atop Mauna Kea on the Big Island) and I thought I’d share. Usually Florida is in the news because someone in our fair state has done some remarkably jacked up thing, so it is nice to be noted once again for nothing more dramatic than our allegedly mild weather. (It is still plenty cold in my neck of the woods…)

I missed blogging yesterday. I had a bad night of coughing and when the alarm went off, I decided to call in sick. And so I did. Then I just pretty much laid in bed all day. I hope I have turned the corner on this whole cold/cough thing at last.

We watched the movie “Inception” last night. That was some wild stuff. The concept of the movie is that people can slip into your dreams and get information about you. And if they can do that, they can slip into your dreams and plant thoughts in your head. It takes a lot of work to do this, mind you (and a team of like, 12 people or something) but if this movie is to believed, it can be done.

Most likely, this movie is fiction. But if it were possible, I am not so worried about the info people might steal from my dreams. (Isn’t it easier to hack into my Internet accounts than my dreams? Far less disturbing in the long run too, I’m sure…) I am wondering if you could hire these people to plant the thoughts you need to have dominating your life:

“You will only eat low calorie, low fat food, and your will LOVE it!’

“Working out is wonderful!”

“Saving money is sexy!”

Things like that.

I am pretty sure if Ellen Page or Joseph-Gordon Levitt or Leonardo DiCaprio came tromping through my dreams with a message like that, I might listen. I’d especially listen to Ellen Page. She seems wise beyond her years in every role she plays. Have you seen “Juno”? Great actress.

“Inception” aside, there are supposed to be a number of things we can do ourselves to influence our dreams. Ways to help yourself remember, ways to suggest or program dream content, and the whole lucid dreaming thing which involves recognizing you are dreaming and then shaping the story line. I’d love to be able to do that.

I had some dreams last night, but I don’t remember them. I do remember this dream from the night before. My boss was at my house for dinner–only it wasn’t really my house. She wanted to know where we keep our lawn mowers and then she demanded some chocolate. When I told her we didn’t really have any chocolate, she pushed the subject, and my partner offered to get her some Swiss Miss. “Now that’s chocolate!” she said. Only now she wasn’t my boss anymore, she was Liza Minnelli. Or someone imitating Liza Minnelli. Then she was gone and there was a chorus of people in her place–all wearing sunglasses. And they repeated what she said, “Now that’s chocolate!” as my partner served mugs of Swiss Miss all around.

Where does this stuff come from? Since I’m gay, you probably think I dream about Liza Minnelli all the time. But I don’t. And why was she so interested in my lawn mowers and demanding Swiss Miss?

Maybe the whole “Inception” thing is more real that I thought. Maybe advertisers have latched on to it. That’s why Liza Minnelli is hocking Swiss Miss in my dreams—advertisers are sending Liza Minnelli and who knows who else into our dreams to sell instant coco and maybe even lawn mowers.

Like Blondie sang, “Dreaming is free.”

Something to think about.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

5 Responses to “Dreaming is free (or is it?)”

  1. ravnostic January 12, 2011 at 6:28 am #

    Where do I start?

    Global warming: “yeah, how’s that workin’ out fer ya?”

    Florida: You know I’m a Fark.com person. They actually have a tag for news articles that come from Florida. All the weird zany news comes from there. It’s a little ‘Florida’ tag, with an orange for the ‘o’. At least one a day shows up, I’m shoo-ah.

    JG-L. Mmmm…bokeh….

    Lucid dreaming: Don’t dream it–be it. Envision yourself remembering your dreams before you go to sleep, and eventually, you will. And it will wake you up. But eventually, it won’t, as it won’t be a shock. I can get up at night from a dream, go pee, and fall right back into the same dream. It’s not always lucidity (silent or otherwise), but it works. What you think about, you can bring about. Hasn’t worked for the Powerball or Mega-Millions, however.

    Liza-Swiss Miss-imitation. Enough said. Liza is a hack. Riding the coattails of her mother, I’ve always said. Swiss Miss is, at best, an imitation for what you can get with some heavy cream, m&m’s, and a fondue pot. *Rich* doesn’t even describe.

    Have a *sweet* chocolatety day, Catz.


  2. That Weather Girl January 12, 2011 at 8:20 am #

    Personally I am dreaming of warmer weather. But your lawnmower/chocolate dream does sound fascinating!

  3. Fred January 12, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    Swiss Miss is chocolate???
    I have a large canister of Swiss Miss. It may resemble chocolate but even with a dozen packets of sweetener it’s still missing something.

    I’m afraid if someone where to invade my dreams they would have a chronic cardiac arrest and I’d be stuck with them permanently in my mind yacking at me all time “You mean you really dream about stuff like this., I can’t believe your dreaming of porno and calculating the length of his … and in metric.”

    Glad up up and about. Now get to feeling better. 🙂
    TC Bill.

  4. Your Boss January 12, 2011 at 11:23 pm #

    You know, I happen to like Swiss Miss! Was it the kind with the little petrified marshmallows in it? I love to pour on the boiling water and watch the mallows puff up. I really wish they would use the BIG marshmallows instead of the miniature ones. That way when I poured on the boiling water, the marshmallows would PUFF right up and out of the cup! Like a big marshmallow jack-in-the-box! Now that would be a great dream. But I wouldn’t share ANY of it with Liza with a Z. She wouldn’t have time for it anyway – she’d be busy mowing our lawns!

  5. Pamela N Red January 13, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    I love dreams. I’ve written blogs about mine sometimes because they were so weird. It’s like a free movie you don’t have to pay to see.

    There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what we create in our sleep.

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